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Addressing the Internal Workshop


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We are all creators


spiritual art retreat, art gallery and jewelry for world consciousness, books to heal the world.

My Inspiration...


A self expression, self awareness, inner-child retreat

Books for children... and adults

I grew up in my father’s taller (workshop), amidst nails, wood, screws, saws, hammers, paint, cutting machines... You could call this the rough and tough taller. Then there was my mother’s taller, the soft one, the one with fabric and threads and chalk and needles, butcher paper, rulers, scissors….Except neither was just soft or rough, they both toyed with concepts of accuracy and messiness, of safety and danger, of failure and success but the one thing they both had in common was the creative energies that flowed between one and the other. There, dialoging between softness and roughness and nurturing a love for the language of materials , I learned that we humans have an innate nature to be creators.

“El taller interno es el mas dificil” my father would say. The internal workshop is the most difficult one.

He meant the arduous and joyous task of raising your awareness, of being brave enough to change your thinking if need be, and having the courage not to remain as you entered the world and to evolve into something better.

My work is all about inspiring you to exercise your right to create, to seek personal evolution and by doing so, perhaps we can help heal the world.


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