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Cuban born artist Liset Leyva Santaló  is a passionate advocate of Spiral symbolism, and its connection to humanity. The Spiral forms the basis of much of her insightful and provocative art style and self-expression. It is her understanding that all evolution is spiral based, time, thinking, growth and learning.  She always aims to represent a deeper world conscious in her work as seen in her open-ended-organic-ever-evolving Spiral Installations and Spiral based jewelry.

She often invites participants to engage in the artistic process and by doing so, she directly connects them to meaningful concerns whether it is advocating for a child's right to dream, emotional healing, racial and political views or ecological matters . Through the use of a myriad of materials, her personal style embraces concepts of imperfection, uniqueness, diversity and reflectiveness. She attributes her resourcefulness to her carefree formative years in Cuba and time spent tinkering alongside her parents in their "taller" (workshops) in Washington Heights, New York.

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