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Generacion Nueva.
wood, toilet paper - 36"x83"

To economically decorate her daughters Emory University dorm, Liset used nature items found around campus such as pine cones and of course, the infamous toilet paper was used. She created a decorative divider curtain inspired by the rice paper doors and walls in the Totoro Japanese animated film that her children were fond of when little. If Japan can make doors out of paper than she could certainly make a curtain divider out of paper too! 
Generacion Nueva, translates as "New Generation," was what Liset's father said he was creating by bringing his family to the possibilities available in the United States of America. He would have been proud his granddaughter went to Emory University on a full academic scholarship and his grandson, after attaining a bachelors degree from FIU, became a Firefighter. Giant leaps for grandparents who only went as far as 4th and 6th grade.

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