Parenthesis (Do you see what I see?) 
multi media - 8'x6' - SOLD

This piece, styled in what Liset has coined as Systems Art ( singular-whole components that define a greater whole), represents the years she dedicated to a career as an Early Childhood Educator while she made a "parenthesis" from an Art career after the birth of her children. However, during her "parenthesis," the creative process did not cease as she found new ways of expression alongside young children and inspired them with materials from personal art she continued to explore. Parenthesis, created mostly with recycled and natural resources, has over 300 individual recycled juice boxes, each representing the number of children she had the privilege of sharing a moment in time with.  The boxes are divided into 12 clusters totaling her years as an educator and representing the material explored each year. 
The mirrors, which are a reoccurring motif in her art, in this case express a child speaking the words, "do you see what I see?" It is an invitation to see the world through children's eyes, always listening to the inner workings of their minds and facilitating that their voices always be heard.
Parenthesis is about community and how as individuals we make up the whole system. It is where singularity meets the collective and where we embrace that we are all connected. With her adult children grown, Liset resumed her Art career, thus bitter sweetly moving forward from the "parenthesis."