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Hands of Gratitude - COMMISSIONED
diverse materials in resin - 64"x47"

Created for the TBSIS community in Miami Beach, Liset orchestrated and designed the Grateful Hands Project in response to the charge of keeping the community connected during the  Covid-19 pandemic
At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when physical contact was believed a possible primary form of contagion, hands were censored to physical distancing and constant washing.
Liset invited the community to trace their hand, cut it, and everyday, for the duration of the physical separation, add something  personal and meaningful to the hands., as a form of therapy, if you will. The hands were a symbol  patience and acceptance during the challenging period of "lock down."
Paradoxically, accessibility to virtual connection made possible through technology, in this case computers, provided support, continuity and communication.
Ironically, hands were still involved manipulating and managing the equipment that made virtual connectivity possible.
Liset successfully integrated these elements to create a powerful image.

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