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Leon, The Tree, and the Spiral

Self-generated or random change can be challenging for children and adults, however, for children there is the added layer of having little control over change since they are often the recipients of decisions prompted by the adults in their lives. Why is this change giving me anxiety? Why do I feel scared? How can I handle this change? May be many of the thoughts children experience when facing change. One of life’s greatest lesson, as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, is embracing that “the only constant in life, is change.” Therefore, recognizing when change is happening, learning to feel excited about change or at least learning to manage it, is an important life lesson for children of all ages. In the book, we find Leon the lion, encountering some visual puns amidst colorful and fun pages as his favorite tree, The Tree of Change, helps him understand the spiral of “change.”


Leon, the Tree and the Scroll

When Leon the lion is confronted with a wondering about the shape of the Torah scroll, he happily reaches out to his dear friend, The Tree of Change, to find an answer.


Future Dream Moon

A diverse and interactive book that opens conversations to so many topics of importance for the young reader. Ranging from color and alphabet awareness to social justice, friendship, hope, integration, loss, acceptance and so much more! It can all be found within the pages of this content diverse book and is all beautifully embedded within a story that explores our feelings when our dreams and hopes for the future are challenged. The story of “Future Dream Moon” is told in a very simple, straight forward, fun and loving format malleable enough for each reader to take from it what they are ready to understand. It is a story for children and adults alike that will touch and warm your soul.

Inside the Color Wheel and the Bad Terminology

The book explores racial tensions, black and white duality, and the idea that collectively, humanity is still having trouble internalizing how melanin and DNA work. It toys with the understanding that the familiar color terms “black and white” are inaccurate and have sadly created a narrative of injustice and unfairness for humankind.
The delivery of the subject matter is clear and concise, but its major premise, which is to erase the boundaries that divide humanity and maintain us as strangers from one another, comes across loud and clear. It is an informative read that will energize the soul and offers a hopeful future for us all.

Color wheel
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