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First Fragment.
3-D relief on wood, tissue paper, foil - 47"x17"

This powerful image representing separation from family, land, customs, love and identity is resting on a background filled with Liset's parents names, Marta Santaló and Rafael Leyva.  Liset skillfully fragmented the map of her native island to spell Libertad (Freedom) not only as a symbol of the psychological fragmentation of the immigrant experience that her parents, as first generation immigrants endured, but also as a statement of the hand me down regimes (monarchy, imperialism, dictatorship, communism etc..)  that abusively ruled the island following the slaughter of the native Taino and Siboney cultures.

The map was used in Geneva in 1992 during a Human Rights Debate and on many marches her parents attended to expose the oppression and abuse of Cuba's communist regime.

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