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Possibilities Spiral Tree Installation.
mixed media - IN PROCESS

Inspired by her book "Future Dream Moon," The Listening Tree Installation, and the spirit of justice and inclusion, the Possibilities Spiral Tree Installation is a participatory, ever-evolving organic visual that is in a constant state of growth. The beads that are its source of life and beauty, have written on them endless hopes and dreams from children and adults alike from all over the world and are a reminder that it is irresponsible and cruel to encourage children to dream if the resources to have those dreams become a reality is not readily available.  The installation speaks about our commitment to all children, not just our own.
Liset stated that "as long as one child is in any form of struggle, distress and/or suffering, due to inaccessibility of resources, humanity will continue to be in a perpetual state of disequilibrium."

The clear-connecting strands from where the dream moons hang represent the invisible unknown future where all dreams await. The the top white spiral from where everything hangs represents the actual moon and the "present" from where the future is formulated.

Connectivity Scroll.
mesh wire, foil - 40"x Infinite

This on-going spiral woven art piece,  finds its way into diverse communities as Liset invites participants to help in its creation thus representing how we are all connected. The piece is a direct inspiration of the Spiral of Consciousness Pendant, Torah Scrolls, and her children's book "Leon, the Tree and the Scroll."

Spiral of Change.
aluminum foil on metal frame - 22"x26"

This piece is inspired by the children's book Liset wrote "Leon, The Tree, and The Spiral," and a family tradition of creating spirals during the holidays.  In both instances the spiral represents change as a constant that is inevitable  in life.

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